Extra Virgin Olive Oil for BAD BREATH?

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Alex asked:

I heard you can use extra virgin olive oil to get rid of bad breath, but do you drink it or just use it as mouth wash?

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3 Responses to “Extra Virgin Olive Oil for BAD BREATH?”
  1. k3levra Says:

    What.. just buy some actual mouthwash.

  2. Pat Says:

    Good oral hygiene-brushing and flossing and regular dental visits work best!
    No comment on the “extra virgin..”-First time I’ve come across this remedy for bad breath.

  3. Darla Says:

    never heard that, but apples are nature’s mouthwash!!
    try parsley after garlic
    bad breath comes not only from the mouth but deeper, so think about the foods you eat.
    brush and mouthwash, gum, mints, brush your tongue well, and the roof of your mouth.
    i just don’t know about the olive oil, i usually eat it with garlic.
    Good Luck

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